How to use Long Tail Keywords with Jaaxy

Hey there! My name is Shaun. I’m an internet affiliate marketer. I thoroughly enjoy helping others discover the benefits of starting their own online businesses.

However, without keyword tool search bars we would get completely lost and chaotic! So using a keyword tool helps not only with rankings on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. It also helps us maintain our sanity when writing and I believe it also helps keep us more focused on our topic at hand. In this Jaaxy review, we’re going to take a look at the keyword tool and ask if it’s right for you. I’ll look at what Jaaxy offers, who it’s best for, and the all-important pricing.

By the way Jaxxy is FREE to sign-up (you get 30 free searches) for and use. So click the highlighted link and sign-up today!

Getting Started With Jaaxy’s Platform

Essentially, you are going to have to type into Google’s search task bar to look up Jaxxy. So, naturally you’ll want to type in “How to use Long Tail Keywords with Jaaxy”! And when you type in more specific keywords like this it will populate an array of targeted keywords on one page as shown in the screen shot to the right of this paragraph ==>.

Doing keyword research is the difference between success and failure in the modern niche website world. And you can read more about this on a “What is A Wealthy Affiliate” review (whom I’ve signed up and learn all of this from dedication and actually applying what I was taught in their affiliate boot camp) by clicking the hyper-link above. Also,
a fantastic keyword researcher can get ranked much faster with almost zero effort by targeting specific keywords. Someone who hasn’t’t done their homework can spend months or years accumulating and learning information on a project that never goes anywhere.

I struggle as a newbie trying to understand a bit, trying to decide where to start you off in learning about the Jaaxy keyword search tool. I decided the best place to start is with the basics:

Keywords; what are they

What Jaxxy looks like

What it means when you are looking at your search results

It’s not uncommon nowadays to say that keyword research is one of the strongest foundations in the affiliate marketing niche for article writing and building websites. And using inferior tools will help your competition out rank you without a doubt! So watch out.

In return for signing up today, Jaaxy will provide you with some:

  • Awesome training material
  • Free plan which gives you plenty of time to try out
  • Easy navigation
  • Excellent low QSR
  • Unique detailed keywords

Targeted Keywords; What Are They

Targeted keywords or key phrases, are what prospects are searching for in search engines. If we just type in the Google search engine something like {Affiliate Marketing Training}:

  • Avg Searches Per Month in this screenshot -348
  • Avg Traffic To the Generic Keyword Search Term -60
  • Avg QSR, which is the number or site visitors -201
  • Actual number of people click on the site’s keyword -78

And if you’re new on the scene, you really want your QSR to be under 100 (as seen below).

This is a keyword. I searched for something that I was looking for and Google is going to provide me with the most relevant results (see below).
It’s way to broad of a search term and the QSR numbers are well over 300, you typically are going to be faced with way too much competition. So, narrowing down a search term like Affiliate Marketing- My Online Startup Bootcamp is more targeted, a direct hit. You’ve just found a more bulls eyed search term!

What Jaaxy Looks Like

Well, here’s a couple more screen shots to show you what Jaaxy looks like. I figured it’d be much better and easier to provide you with some visual aide. You know that old saying “A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words”? Well Jaaxy should’ve coined that phrase.

What It Means When Looking At Search Results

If you type in a broad perspective, your going to receive a broad aspect. However, if you zero in (and I can’t say this enough) on specific targeted keywords or keyword phrases, you’ll get much better QSR results. Not to mention, when I click on one of these results, I am taken to a website that has been “ranked” in Google. If I purchase something from that page or click an ad, that website owner will make money as a result.
Remember earlier I stated that “A fantastic keyword researcher can get ranked much faster with almost zero effort by targeting specific keywords.” What it means when looking at search results to me, all I can say is thank you to Kyle & Carson (owners of Wealthy Affiliate) for introducing me to a super duper way of gaining the knowledge from your easy to follow, step-by-step video and blog training which can be found here ==> Affiliate Bootcamp.

Which is

7 courses70 lessons

The Affiliate Bootcamp training is a 7 Phase (70 lesson) series of courses walking you through the process of creating and establishing a business in a niche related to the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate.
There are adequately MILLIONS of keywords in every niche, leading to endless possibilities and opportunities. Creating more income with what Kyle calls the low hanging fruit on the tree. And by being a member at Wealthy Affiliate and what you are going to learn here about proper “ranking techniques”, you are going to have the competitive edge over your competition.

Each Post You Create Will Be Targeting a Keyword…

Affiliate Program – The Commission Breakdown

Therefore, without a keyword search tool such as Jaaxy we would be lost in the affiliate internet marketing world.

Now I want to talk about making money as an affiliate internet marketer! Yes, you can make money just by simply promoting Jaaxy as an alternate form of income.

Promoting Jaaxy on social web sites such as

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pintrest

Or you can write article reviews like this and embed your affiliate link sporadically throughout the article so it doesn’t look like your spamming all over the place!

Commission Structure is as follows:
Pro pays
$19 Monthly Sales= $8 per month recurring commissions (average $100 per sale)
$199 Yearly Sales = $80 per sale

Enterprise pays
$20 per month recurring or $200 per year.

Free members of Jaaxy can benefit from the affiliate program too.

If someone else also becomes a free member through your Jaaxy affiliate link, you get ten more free searches. If, as a free member, your referral upgrades to Jaaxy Pro or Jaaxy Enterprise, you get the same commissions as a paid Jaaxy member, above. Sweet!

Revelation Of Keyword Searches Using Jaaxy

In my opinion Jaaxy is the best keyword search tool online. If your not using Jaaxy, you might as well be sitting on the sidelines and relaxing. Because if, you don’t target specific keywords using this platform your at a loss…

So, do yourself a favor and sign-up as an affiliate promoter for Jaaxy. It’s FREE when you upgrade your WA membership. I personally would’nt use anything else.

If you have any questions or statements to make on this article/review leave them in the comments section below. I will reply asap.

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